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Janet Figg - Amatuer Photographer

My name is Janet Figg and photography is one of my hobbies.  It's not a business, just something I love to do.  I take my camera everywhere that I can, just in case there is an opportunity to get that 'one in a million' photograph.  Of course that doesn't happen, but I couldn't be more pleased with the results I have achieved.


I enjoy photographing just about anything, which you will see when you look at my galleries


 I think my passion started when we were showing our coloured horses and ponies.  There was always a professional photographer at the shows, but we couldn't afford to buy more than one print and the photographs weren't always that great so I started to take my camera with me to make my own memories of the day.


I have a real passion for  horses, but particularly coloured horses (skewbald, piebald and tri-coloureds).  We have 2 rescue ponies from World Horse Welfare and I rescue horse from Blue Cross.


I am a member of Headley Heath Riders Association (HHRA) and sit on the Committee and I write and produce the quarterly Newsletter.  HHRA  raises funds to promote and provide safety for horse and rider in the Headley area following the tragic death of a young girl in 1989, who was hacking her horse on the roads.


 HHRA hold various events throughout the year and I attend the events to take photographs for them.  I make a small charge for the photos and also make a donation to HHRA for each photograph sold.

If you would like to know more about my photographs, please email me at

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